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Ohio State Main Library Undergoes $108 Million Renovation

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ohio State University is currently working one of the largest building projects in their history, the renovation of the William Oxley Thompson (Main) Library. As Director Joseph J. Branin states in his welcome letter to the renovation website, he wants the updated "library to be a place that pays tribute to the enduring value of books and human interaction in the creation of knowledge."

To provide information and keep interested people abreast of the news, Ohio State has created an excellent Thompson Library Renovation website. According to the project overview, the library opened in 1913, and endured major renovations and additions over the years. In 1951, an 11 story structure was added to provide more stack space and study areas. In 1966, the "magnificence of the original building" was impacted by the addition of a mezzanine floor that eliminated the high ceiling of reference hall. This hall will be restored to its original grandeur.

With the renovation, "spaces for individual quiet study, and areas for interactive group learning," as well as needed upgrades to digital and infrastructure needs, will provide an improved learning environment.

See a LIVE webcam of the progress, the login and password is "guest."


The Modern Librarian said...

Excellent to see a library willing to give information on a their renovations to the public. The directors of the University Libraries giveing insight into the project shows he is truly dedicated to the updates being done on the facility. It's great to seee a library open its' doors to the digital era.

M-H-T said...

Oh, I love the idea of a live webcam! I wish we had something like that back when Lied Library (UNLV) was built. That would be fascinating to check every week or every day to see the progress.